About Me

My name is Chloe Kincaid and I'm a pretty normal New Zealander trying to find an outlet for a baking passion. People will often ask me for the recipes for things or ask me to make them something, so I'm hoping that other people can benefit from this blog.

I'm a student at Victoria University in Wellington studying international business, Spanish and German. I love languages and already speak fairly fluent German after an exchange with AFS. I now volunteer with AFS alongside study and work and I love meeting all the students and helping make their exchanges amazing.

As a "struggling student" I do the best I can, I'm not very good at budgeting at all, so usually I buy baking things and think about it later... I've also started baking upon request from other people to try and finance my passion a little bit! If you see anything you would like, or you have some sort of celebration or event where you would like something a bit special, then contact me and we can talk about the requirements. Email me on chloe.kincaid@hotmail.com

I hope you enjoy my cooking adventures and that you will be inspired to have some of your own!


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