A Kiwi Christmas Special!

Now, this post doesn't actually have any recipes and I didn't actually make anything for once! But I really wanted to try out my new camera, (Nikon Coolpix, I'm so excited to finally have a proper camera! It even has a food setting!) so I thought I would share our Christmas table with you all. I was very sick just before Christmas unfortunately, and still a bit off on the day (not enough to stop me from eating all the wonderful food!) so I wasn't allowed to help with food preparation, understandably... I thought it could be interesting for those not in New Zealand what food we eat for a summer Christmas! So it was still amazing and I hope your Christmas was as wonderful as mine!

One of the green salads - from my uncle
A bean salad from mum

Dad carving the Christmas ham!
Some sausages from the Blackforest Butcher in Tauranga
Scalloped potatoes made by mum
Pavlova bought but decorated by my aunty
Trifle made by mum - the best ever!
Christmas mince pies and jam tarts made by my aunty
Lolly ice cream!! We make it every year, vanilla ice cream and you mix it in a bowl with
crushed oreos and cut up lollies and marshmallows and chocolate and then refreeze it.
I hope everyone had a great Christmas!

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